Automated electrical
system design

Empower your teams to estimate and design fully detailed, code compliant and constructible electrical raceway systems in hours


Create fully constructible designs in hours instead of weeks. Iterate faster. Eliminate double entry and manual rework. Reduce your overall design time by up to 70%.

Ready to build

Designs are NEC and Customer Specification compliant, use real parts, are fully constructible and optimized for prefabrication.

DESIGN better

Easily explore multiple alternative designs in parallel. Create designs with up to 20% lower material usage, labor cost and construction time.

Works with Revit

Integrates seamlessly with industry-standard CAD workflows. Use your existing part families, cost and labor data.

Transforms design and coordination for:



General Contractors
& Developers

“With Augmenta Electrical, we define the opportunity; it generates the solutions. The time we can now dedicate to doing more strategic work turns into a win for us and our clients.”

Augmenta is changing the game for electrical system design with a new level of flexibility, standards, and process built into one product. This product will help us solve ongoing supply chain and talent shortage challenges by generating a complete bill of material using fabrication-ready design. We are recognizing significant savings in estimating, designing, and planning with Augmenta Electrical!

This product allows our team to focus on our client's needs and find the best design solution for their project.

Gone are the days of tedious work, including modeling raceways, changing spacing, re-sizing, and double-checking code requirements. With Augmenta Electrical, we define the opportunity; it generates the solutions. The time we can now dedicate to doing more strategic work turns into a win for us and our clients. We have created a more engaging and fulfilling workday for our team, and our client receives the best possible design.

- Josh Gillespie, Director of BIM/VDC

Automated routing, grouping and detailing of electrical raceway systems

Set your requirements

Ensure your designs meet both NEC and Customer Specifications

Specify your device and panel locations, blockouts, no-go zones and electrical requirements. Use Rule Templates to specify your Customer’s requirements around parts, routing, grouping and spacing rules.

Screenshot of Augmenta software platform. Set your requirements

Generate and evaluate multiple designs

Easily conduct multiple design studies in parallel to understand the impact of different site layouts, part selections, specifications and routes

It’s quick and easy to evaluate the potential time and cost reductions of switching to another brand of parts; or evaluate the impact of substantial design changes such as different electrical room, panel, and equipment placements and requirements.

Screenshot of Augmenta software platform. Generate and evaluate multiple designs

Build and iterate

Respond instantly to changes in your site and requirements - even after construction has started

Quickly generate updated designs that meet your new requirements and automatically coordinate around site changes while preserving the existing routes that you have already committed to.

Screenshot of Augmenta software platform. Build and iterate.

Fully detailed, constructible and compliant

Decide, procure and build with confidence and full insight into cost and schedule

Generated designs are fully detailed using real parts and estimated using accurate pricing and labor data for complete visibility into BOM, cost and schedule.

Screenshot of Augmenta software platform. Fully detailed, constructible and compliant.

Given a site, Augmenta Electrical generates a number of fully detailed, constructible and code-compliant raceway designs in the cloud that can be explored, compared, exported and built.


  • Automated routing, grouping, cable selection and sizing, support selection and placement, and detailing.

  • Supports aboveground conduit and cable tray for distribution systems, with more functionality in development.

  • Supports multiple supporting methods.

  • A fully featured rule editor lets you set and manage your in-house and customer specifications.

  • All designs are NEC and customer specification compliant and respect area classification constraints and installation limitations.

  • Outputs fully detailed BOMs with accurate price and labor estimates.

Data & Integrations

  • Cloud-native solution that integrates with your existing industry-standard CAD tooling, including an add-in for project setup, import and export.

  • Upload and use your existing part and support families.

  • Supports CSV or custom database sources for your project-specific electrical requirements.

  • Supports Remarcable integration or CSV input for part cost data.

  • Supports CSV input for labor and cable data.

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