The construction industry suffers from unpredictability, low earnings and unsustainable levels of waste and energy use

Errors in design and coordination are a primary source of risk, rework and waste

Up to 20% of AEC professionals time and up to 6% of the cost of a building is spent on fixing errors created during the design and planning process.

Up to 30% of new building materials go to waste as a result of mis-ordering and rework, while buildings consume 40% of global energy and resources.

The Augmenta Construction Platform automates the sustainable design of buildings, dramatically reducing the time, cost, waste and uncertainty of construction projects

A fully automated building design platform in the cloud, built from the ground up around Generative AI. It creates highly cost, labor, time and energy efficient designs that are fully code compliant, error-free and constructible.

It enables a fundamentally new design process that empowers the construction industry to design and build sustainable housing, cities, and infrastructure at scale.

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Augmenta Construction Platform

Electrical System Design

Automated design of electrical raceway systems for Engineers and Contractors

Create precise estimates and fully detailed, constructible and code compliant raceway designs in hours instead of weeks.

Accelerate your estimation and design processes and explore multiple alternatives while reducing your risk, construction time, cost, and waste.

Augmenta Construction Platform

We’re building the design and construction platform of the future, powered by Generative AI

A fully collaborative and cloud-native design platform, encompassing all aspects of building design.

Automatically create fully detailed, coordinated and sustainable designs for buildings and building systems that meet the requirements of a diverse set of stakeholders.

Helping you build a sustainable world

Reduce waste and rework

Designs produced by the Augmenta Construction Platform are fully detailed, coordinated and optimized. Use less material in your designs, order only what you need, and significantly reduce wasteful errors and rework.

Design more efficient buildings

Automatically design highly optimized buildings and building systems that use less energy and resources - reducing your environmental impact over your building’s lifecycle.

Built with our visionary collaborators

LEAD investors

The future of building design

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