Amanda Connon-Unda

Director of Marketing

Amanda Connon-Unda is a marketing leader with a background in the technology and media industries who brings broad marketing experience and knowledge into her role at, where she leads on brand and growth marketing. 

She is passionate about working with enterprises on their pathway to optimizing digital transformation by creating and sharing meaningful content, campaigns, partnerships and engagement opportunities. Today, she is a keen advocate for community and partnerships to create a positive impact within the Construction industry. 

Having previously worked in the software consulting space, she has enabled growth that led to 2-3X revenue increases year-over-year. She has marketed to industries that spanned from manufacturing to financial services and retail. Her experience in marketing for AI specifically started in 2018 at a product development consultancy that was acquired by Deloitte, and she later worked for an award-winning AI product company that offered electronics manufacturers a computer-vision based defect detection platform (acquired by Apple in 2024).

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