Davide Panelli

CEO of Byte-Code

Davide Panelli is a co-founder of Augmenta and advises the company on software engineering practices and cloud computing architectures.  

Before Augmenta, Davide co-founded and led different companies focused on web and mobile software development and cloud computing architectures: 

  • Byte-Code SpA is an Italian firm focused on creating and running custom multichannel ecommerce platforms.
  • Orange IT Services SA is based in Switzerland with core competencies around cloud computing and scalable SaaS architectures.
  • Orange IT Services SA also owns ZestOne SA, specializing in native mobile applications. 

Panelli served as technical lead on many large projects in different industries including those for top European retail brands, eCommerce, and financial services and institutions. By creating and growing software companies and tech teams he also developed a business-oriented mindset, gaining skills in business strategy, sales, and organizational management. 

Panelli holds a master degree in information technology from the University of Milan.