Aaron Szymanski


Aaron Szymanski is a co-founder and head of product at Augmenta. He leads Augmenta’s product definition and design efforts - bridging the gap between computational science, artificial intelligence, and the needs of users and organizations within the AEC industry.

Before Augmenta, Szymanski founded and helmed real/ideal, a strategic foresight and product strategy firm. There he led engagements with clients such as Shopify and Facebook to identify emergent market opportunities and design products for new markets and services.

Previously, Szymanski has worked as an industrial designer at Blackberry designing next generation phones and tablets. He then moved to Xtreme Labs (which became Pivotal Labs through acquisition by Pivotal) where he guided digital product design and development projects for some of the largest banks, retailers and organizations in the US and Canada. 

Subsequently at Kinetic Cafe, Szymanski directed the design team and oversaw the development of their connected retail platform. As part of his consulting experience, he collaborated with Francesco Iorio at Autodesk to develop the foundational interaction principles of a new paradigm of human computer interaction: generative design.

He holds a bachelor of industrial design from OCAD University in Toronto.